2011: Got a new Brooks B17-Narrow saddle, and it took about 1,000 miles to break it in. It was worth it, though, when I got a new personal best (275 miles) in the N24HC even after getting lost and losing an hour to severe cramps. Lloyd and I rode the DALMAC Quint (I had the free entry that I won last year) with three guys (Alex, Cullen, and Dave) that we met at the start.

2010: This was originally going to be a high mileage year for me, but TBurd was diagnosed with DCIS (very early stage breast cancer), so life kind of got in the way of riding. A friend and I got first place in the M/M tandem category of the N24HC (I'd made the observation at the end of the previous N24HC that only a handful of riders had entered that category in the last 10 years, so Dave and I immediately started making plans. We now each have a coveted N24HC gold medal!) By August, TBurd was done with treatment, and I was able to ride DALMAC. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the coldest, rainiest DALMAC in memory! At the end of the coldest, rainiest day of the coldest rainiest DALMAC, my name was drawn for the grand prize -- a free entry for DALMAC 2011. One of my friends said it was the first time he ever felt sorry for the grand prize winner!

2008: I'm off to a slow start. I rode 260 miles in the N24HC (I lost time helping someone gather pieces of their shade pavilion that was destroyed by the wind and then spent more time in my tent waiting out the storm.) I'm hoping to get going and make up for some lost time.

2007: TBurd's father passed away the day after Thanksgiving, 2006, so we drove to Plymouth a lot of weekends in 2007 to visit her Mom and help out with the house. I rode some with AABTS, but it still took a bite out of my mileage. If that wasn't enough, we also did a lot of work on our house, sold it, bought a new house, and did (and are still doing!) a lot of work on it. The upside for 2007 is that ABangma and RBangma loaned TBurd and I a tandem for the summer. We're hooked, and we bought a tandem of our own with my year-end bonus (year-end for my company is in October.) I also rode 266 miles in the 24 Hour Challenge (a personal best, even though I didn't make my goal), and did my first two 20mph+ Century Rides this year (the 100 Grand and the Holland Hundred). That was June and July, and after hardly riding in August, September and October I couldn't do that right now if my life depended on it! The day after Thanksgiving (one year after TBurd's Dad died -- almost to the hour) my Mom died, which more or less killed my enthusiasm for much of anything for a while.

2006: TBurd said last year that if I was still going after two years then I could get a new bike. The new bike is a Jade (local framebuilder) Solar Ti with Dura-Ace 9speed and Mavic Classic wheels. Wheeeeeee! Unfortunately it was over 100F on the N24HC this year, and a lot of riders (including me!) SAG'd out at Delton (96 miles)

2005: Still riding the steel bike (which a friend of mine describes as being made of "lead, concrete, and rebar"), I proceeded to put in 6,000 miles for the year, including 232 miles at the National 24 Hour Challenge, and 500+ miles on the DALMAC quint. Commuted to work (4 miles one way, but I come home for lunch) nearly every day.

2004: My debut year of cycling. I pulled out the 20 year old CroMo steel bike that I bought the year I graduated from High School, joined The Rapid Wheelmen, and proceeded to put in 4,910 miles, including a number of century rides. In July, I bought the Marin San Rafael as a birthday present to myself for commuting. I had planned to ride it all Winter, but I loved it too much to get it cruddy so I bought an old, beaten up mountain bike at a garage sale for $20 and put a stainless steel chain and aggressive tires on it for Winter.

I get my recovery rides riding with my wife, Tanja (TBurd)