MEVEA | Pospí.ilová wrote:
Dear Mike,
sorry to bother you with such silly thing but you seem to be our last chance ...
I work for an advertising company in Prague, Czech Republic and one of our clients - Coomerzbank has a special request for a billboard on which a picture of tandem bike shall be... Our designs were built on pictures of the old-fashioned tandem from Holland however the client doesnt like it ... We found a picture of your tandem on the internet and BINGO! they love it :-)
Is there any chance you could provide us with some good quality picz of this wonderful vehicle? :-)

Thank you very much in advance for an answer of any kind and good luck with your riding!

Kind regards

mwburden wrote:
Those photos were taken by someone else, and I don't have the original (or the usage rights), and I did not own that tandem.

I do own another tandem that is very nearly identical to the one in the photo. I could get photos either of the bike alone, or with riders.

Are you looking for a photo with or without riders? Are there any other guidelines (background, etc.) you would want to give? Some backgrounds that might not be too difficult would be our house or some farmland.

Also what timeframe did you have in mind? If we take the photo now, any trees in the photo will not have leaves. In another six weeks or so they will at least have buds.

MEVEA | Pospí.ilová wrote:
Dear Mike,
thank you so much for your prompt answer!
Please do not worry about leaves, we need the picture as soon as possible
(it was late yesterday, actually :-)).
Also we have graphic designers here who will cut off the pictures all that's
not wanted to be there.

Ideally we need a picture with one rider on the back seat wearing suit and
no one in front. The best background would be just white one or as clear as
Also the person on the bike will not be recognizable at the end as we are
going to use only silhouette of his ... That is why also colours or lights
do not matter... The bike with the silhouette is going to be put on a
different background anyway.
To have better idea please have a look on the attachment (however the person
there is not the very best one, as he is not wearing proper suit but rather
looks like Sherlock Holmes ... :-))

What do you think? Are you able to do this for us at all?

Thank you so much!


Barbora Pospí.ilová
junior account manager

mwburden wrote:
OK, I think I could do that in front of the garage door to give you a light colored, uniform background.

Any preference about whether the person in the stoker's seat is male or female, or what kind of pose you would like?

If I were to get you a picture by the end of the week, would that work?