Mr. Jon W. Engelking
DuraFinish, Inc.
39 Murray S.W.
Wyoming, MI 49548

Dear Mr. Engelking,

Let me start by saying how impressed we were with the thorough
job that your employee (I believe his name is John, but I don't
have his last name) did in masking off the areas around our tub
and sinks to prevent overspray, the tidy way that he masked off
the rim of the sink, and that he did a good job of applying the
finish -- it looks smooth and professional.

We are, however, less than satisfied with the color. It is far,
far lighter than the original color.

My wife informs me that the first time she contacted you, nobody
asked her about a color, and so she assumed that it was going to
be a clear glaze (she does a lot of pottery, and in pottery the
glaze is the clear finish coat.) Imagine her surprise when your
employee asked, "It's going to be white, right?"

We are trying to keep any renovations and repairs that we do to
this house true to the original character of the house, so after
my wife and I discussed it briefly, we thought it was worth the
extra $125 for a custom color match.

Next, I'm told that you were undecided between two colors (one
lighter and one darker), and that you told my wife that you were
going to come buy with the two color chips to compare them to the
fixtures. Apparently later, though, you canceled that and told
my wife that you had the best color match.

From the attached photo, you can see that the sink (and also the
bathtub, which is not in the photo) are now very much lighter in
color than the toilet lid. Originally, they were the same color.

I'm taking a re-certification class this week, so my schedule is
really out of kilter this week -- I don't know when I'll be home
or when I'll have lunch until it happens. I'll try to call you
tomorrow (probably around 1:30pm) to ask what our options are.

You came highly recommended by a contractor friend of mine, and I
also see that you are proud of your good standing with the BBB,
so I'm confident that you will do what you can to make this right.

Thank you for your time,

Mike & Tanja Burden
5037 Creekview Dr SE
Kentwood, MI 49508